Pop-Up Fundraising made

Easy and Fun!


Sistas’ Pop have created a fun fulfilling way to fund raise which eliminates the frustration of placing order forms, counting money, sorting and delivering orders - let's discuss how it works. Sistas’ Pop comes to the place your organization has designated to do their fundraising event:


Samples are provided

Sales transactions are collected via: Cash app, cash, credit cards

Upon completion of fundraiser the organization will receive monies within 24 hour or after event.



Charity Partnership


Sistas’ Pop, partners with nonprofit organizations allowing them to raise money utilizing as much as 50% of their sales.


Prerequisites: 501(C)3




Sistas’ Pop offers the conventional way of fundraising with order forms and your organization earns 30% of their sales.



P.O. Box 38003  |   St Louis, MO 63138

 info@sistaspop.com  |  302.786.7767