Sistas’ Pop gourmet butter toffee popcorn was developed as a home-based, business venture by two sisters who have studied people's response when consuming popcorn. Their observation depicts that popcorn allows people to communicate happily with each other and others seem to be drawn to partake developing a community.


Due to Sistas’ Pop uniqueness and individuality it stands out from the typical artificially flavored butter toffee popcorn. Our gourmet buttered toffee popcorn offers our consumer a butter toffee that is made with 100% butter and it melts in your mouth.  We have reached a diverse customer base of ages, economic backgrounds, genders and races who we believe will enjoy our products and encourage others to enjoy it as well.


P.O. Box 38003  |  St Louis, MO 63138  |  302.786.7767

P.O. Box 38003  |   St Louis, MO 63138   |   302.786.7767